Rules & Regulations

SPJV student must abide by the rules and regulation of the insttution.
1. Student shall behave with dignity & courtesy inside and outside the School.
2. Student must come to school in proper School uniform. I card is must, in case of lost or damage duplicate I-card/Library card will be provided @Rs 150/- after 15 days from the date of receipt of such payment.
3. Possession of mobile phone inside or within the campus is strictly prohibited, if found a fine of Rs 200/- and deduction of marks will be imposed.
4. Students shall not entertain the visitors within the campus without the prior permission.
5. Spitting, smoking & throwing bits of paper/wrapper, Committing forgery, tempering I card, misusing of SPJV property, distroying of books, Furnishing false certificate, Using insulting, inciting, threatening language wiht fellow students nd staff is highly offence and must be avoided, If found such the management is right to take necessary action.
6. Parents are requested to fill the complete details in Studets Personal Record perforated sheet of School Diary.
7. Any urgent message may be communicated to the school reception, no calls from the parents for any teacher and students will be attend.
8. Students who make individual transport facility are themself responsible for the same.
9. Parents are requested to sign the progress, test papers, teachers remark in the notebook/school almanac so that they are abreast wiht the progress of their child. They are also requested to visit the school once a month or on PTM to trace the students performance.
10 Please do not send the child if he/she is feeling unwell. Also lways make sure that the student should be in proper school uniform.