Mission & Vission





“Men are taught from childhood that they are weak and sinners, teach them that they are glorious children of immortality, even those who are weakest in manifestation. Let positive, strongly, helpful thoughts. Enter into their brains from the very childhood.




The mission of SPJV is to enable, encourage & endow the student to initiate the life long journey of learning by providing a safe, nurturing, enjoyable, culturally fruitful and stimulative environment. SPJV is committed to instill in each student, the values needed to holistically grow and develop in body mind & soul. We urge strong bonds with parents, those enhancing balance in the development process of each student.


SPJV practices the perfect lesson of a scientific curriculum, international exposure academics beyond excellence. effective communication, multitasking skills and best possible aptitude based career development, with the foundation that helps every child to achieve success in all phases of life and contribute wealthily to global society.




Self-esteem and a feeling of self-worth. A healthy lifestyle and physical and mental well-being. Care and respect for people and the environment in a context of social, moral, multi-cultural and spiritual awareness.




“Guru Shisya Parampara to amalgamate traditional values


with the best global practices of teaching & learning”.